So I have always enjoyed the idea of creating team rosters based on different themes and even lore from outside universe things. However, it is hard to play them on Blood Bowl 2. Since it requires a lot of set up, which leads to imbalance.
I think a way we can do it however is with the Mixed Team options available in the game client.
The idea is to take the Mixed Team and create a set Roster and Theme that must be followed. Like the Lineman League where you can only use Linemen; The Mixed Team Reimagine is a way to create a Team using the BB2 Client.
**This is a thought exersize with the idea of having fun**


Team One:

Last time we created a team based on Chaos Pact and it has LOTS of different players working together for the betterment of.... Chaos?
Ah... Who cares?! Lets do it with Vampires!

Lords of Hypno (Superior Being Ring)

Name and Allotment Skills Stat Line Normal Doubles Cost
Vampire 0-2 Bloodlust, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration 6448 G,A,S P 110k
Thrall 0-12   6337 G A,S,P 40k
Bretonnian Blocker 0-1 Wrestle 6338 G,S A,P


High Elf Lineman 0-1   6348 G,A S,P 70k
Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur 0-1 Sprint, Sure Feet, Thick Skull 6429 G,S A,P 130k

The idea here is that Vampires have Hypnotic Gazed the others into servitude.
Star Player / Mercs allowed.
3rd Vampire! 140k
Chaos Dwarf Blocker 100k
Bretonnian Lineman 70k

I think this team creates a theme similar to other mixed teams in the game and while mitigates the Bloodlust fuled team of Vampires, it grants you 2 Strength players.

Be interested to see what they could do with some help.


Team Two:

Skilled Humans.
I know. Say it again with me.

Human Union (Human League)


Name and Allotment Skills Stat Line Normals Doubles Cost
Norse Linemen 0-16 Block 6337 G A,P,S 50k
Amazon Blitzers 0-2 Block, Dodge 6337 G,S A,P 90k
Kislev Catcher 0-2 Leap, Very Long Legs, Diving Catch 7247 G,A S,P 80k
Human Thrower 0-2 Pass, Sure Hands 6338 G,P S,A 70k

Star Player / Mercenary
Bretonnian Blitzer (140k)
Kislev Tame Bear (170k)
Norse Runner (120k)

I think this keeps most of the flavor of the humans, but gives them some much needed boost in the skill department. Of course there is a serious lack of Armor. You can start with 3 Rerolls, 1 Appo, 2 Throwers, 2 Amazon, 2 Catchers, and 6 Norse with the 1 million gold.

And that does not seem so bad.

Team Three:

Now for the one I have had the most problems with. I like the idea of mixing Lizards and Orcs. Violence Together is exactly what you want it to be.
The issue is getting the right feel and mix. Do we go Saurus and Line orcs? Blitzer Orcs and Skinks (They play fetch!) or some other mix.

So I decided to do a true mix.

Tusks and Scales (Violence Together)

Name and Allotment Skills Stat Line Normals Doubles Cost
Orc Lineman 0-6   5339 G A,S,P 50k
Lizard Skink 0-6 Dodge, Stunty 8237 A G,S,P 60k
Orc Blitzer 0-2 Block 6339 G,S A,P 80k
Lizard Saurus 0-2   6419 G,S A,P 80k
Lizard Kroxigor Loner, Mighty Blow, Bone Head, Thick Skull, Prehensile Tail 6519 S G,A,P 140k

Star Player / Merc
Goblin Looney (70k) Chainsaws!
Orc Black Orc (110k)
Goblin Bombardier (70k)

I think this will allow a semi stable bash team with a Lot of movement. It feels like the Skinks are almost like Ghouls. You can technically run the team with only 6 Orc Linemen or 6 Skink if you do not feel like mixing them, but you will have a very small bench.


So there we go for Chapter 2 of the Mixed Team Reimagining.
I have figured one issue here. If you were to have a journeyman loaner join the team, I am not sure what kind you would get. So that could throw a bit of a wrench into the 'flavor' of the teams.

But as always we would probably just put them on the line of scrimage and watch them die.

We have used 6 of the 11 mixed teams. Next time it will be some Elves (YAY!), Undead, and Chaos God teams.

Untill then, good luck on the pitch.

- Ledeas

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