The Assassin is not Ass.

A lot of people consider the Assassin of the Dark Elf team to be a trash tier player, but I think this is because you are listening to the hype. Sure they are not as good as they *could* be, but they are not trash. Let’s break it down:

Point 1: The Dark Elf Assassin is an Elf.

With the stat line of MV6 ST3 AG4 AV7 he is able to run, pass, catch, and dodge as well as any line elf or enhanced or skilled human. Now people will of course point out that the Dark Elf Lineman is +1 AV and -20k in cost. Which brings us to –

Point 2: The Dark Elf Assassin comes equipped with 2 skills; Stab and Shadow.

Now Shadow by itself is not an amazing skill. Any elf on any Elf team can get it with a simple level up. Stab is the shining star here. It is a skill not available to any other player in the game. There are a few stars that come with the skill, but you cannot put them on the roster. You can the Assassin, or two!

Point 3: STAB!

Come on! Have you looked at this skill? According to the Samba Action Calculator – The chance to break AV 9 is 16.67%. That is of course the same chance to roll a Defender Down on a 1 die block. Now the 1 die does have the advantage of being rerolled. But you know what Stab does not have a 16.67% chance of doing? Attacker down. Stab is a guilt free, consequence free action. Do it.

But Ledeas, I can get 2d or 3d blocks. Of Course you can. But let’s be fair, if you are rolling 3d you don’t really need stab do you?

Stab avoids Blodge, Foul Appearance, and Honest Refs! That Wardancer with Blodge only has a AV of 7. That is a 41.66% chance to break his armor. To 2d him without Tackle you only have a 30.5% chance (51.77% with Reroll) and that improves to 55.55% and 80.25% if you do have tackle.

So really Stab is doing the work of 2 skills and 2 players. All that for a skill you cannot get anywhere else – all of that on the -- Assassin!

Now to prove I am not the fanboy incapable of seeing the shortcoming of this player let’s look over the failings.

Point 1: Stats – MV6 and AV7 is a double dip of ‘Screw That Guy!”

Yes he gets 40k work of skills (Pretending that Stab was a 20k skill) and a -1 AV (compared to his fellow Dark Elves) or -1 MV (compared to a Wood Elf), so I can see how this is a detriment. If his Move was +1 then Shadowing becomes better, if his AV was +1 than he becomes a marking threat.

Point 2: Where do I use him, When do I get him, Was this a good idea?

There will be times when you look at your team of elves. A few with some skills up and you will ask yourself “Can I use an Assassin now?” For the new player, for the Min/Max player – I would say, “If you have at least 11 players and 100k in the bank. Yep! If not, No, you are not prepared.”

Point 3: One Trick Pony.

Really Shadow is more unreliable than Stab is in my opinion and stab is not winning any championships. So the Assassin can be a one trick pony, unless you spend some time and resources to gain a level or two, he can be a weak point in your line up.


So in conclusion I do think the Assassin is worth your time and efforts.

He can be a Blodging, Sidestepping Hunter, A Crazed Leaping Ball Hawk, or with some doubles a Multi Stabbing Nightmare.

The choice is yours.

I made mine a receiver.

- Ledeas

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