It's almost time, playoffs are just around the corner as we roll into Week 13. 11 Golden Tickets were on offer for 60 teams across 5 Divisions, with final spots and placing among the would-be finalists to play for. Let's see how each of the divisions are looking heading into the Final Stretch.


Div 1

Rank Coach Team Tv Pts. W D L TD +/- Week 13 Opponent



Bash Incorporated







Teenage Mutant Ninja Goblins



Drakkar's Dominators







Safe Moves First



Doomed Witches










Shadowhill Cowboys







Bay Area Butchers



Warc Machine III









Starting with the top of the Big O - Div 1 where 3 of the 4 spots have already been secured. Papa Nastyand Bash Incorporated - The Big O Orc staple is in the driver's seat to head back into playoffs with the top seed (and 1st round bye that comes with it). A tricky showdown with Div 2's winner from Season 8, Gdaynick's Teenage Mutant Ninja Goblins acts as the final hurdle.

Battling out the 2nd are two teams boasting identical records (and Touchdown Difference) - Doomed Witches coached by Jape and Season 7's Superb Owl runner-up Deez and the Drakkar's Dominators. Currently in 2nd with a win over his counterpart in Week 4, Deez's has rebuilt his team from the brink and looks primed for a deep run in playoffs. Likewise for Jape and his Dark Elves, fearsome as ever, returning to the play-offs for the second season in a row. Both coaches have winnable games in Week 13 (Against Bush and the departing Miraskadu respectively) and both will be looking to score heavily and as an added bonus - if Papa manages a Draw or worse, Top Spot is open to them.

Rounding out the remaining coaches is a Big O Legend and former Superb Owl Winner - Sandune. Him and his Dark Elves, the Shadowhill Cowboys. Despite the challenge of rebuilding a team in Div 1, suffering constant player losses he kept managing to win games and now is on the cusp of returning to playoffs. Standing in his way in the enigmatic Stark - coach of the Bay Area Butchers. A notorious spoiler, Stark has recorded some of Big O's biggest upsets and this week could be his biggest one yet - A Draw or better here will deny Sandune his place in the Playoffs, with Lyskaris and the Warc Machine III taking his place by virtue of a Win over the dreaded bye.


Top 3 Games for Div 1's Week 13

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Goblins vs Bash Incorporated

  • Shadowhill Cowboys vs Bay Area Butchers

  • Safe Moves First vs Drakkar's Dominators


My Prediction

Sandune wins the 4th seed, Jape snatches back 2nd place and PapaNasty keeps top spot.


Div 2

Rank Coach Team Tv Pts. W D L TD +/- Week 13 Opponent
1 Werecaster The Phobias Reborn 1920 32 10 2 1 13 Muten Roshi's Bear School
2 Tommo The Arcana 1620 26 8 2 3 6 Bye
3 Krusader Muten Roshi's Bear School 2050 24 7 3 3 5 The Phobias Reborn
4 Lynxx Capital Rats 980 23 7 2 3 6 Old Hobart Honeybadgers
5 eFTy Children of Ymir 2240 22 7 1 3 4 Faces of 4Chan


Week 13 started off with a bang for Division 2, with Krusader and his Kislev Muten Roshi's Bear School finding themselves on the receiving end of an Undead beat-down, courtesy of Werecaster's - The Phobias Reborn. Having already locked up the top spot last week, Werecaster has put Krusader's playoff hopes on life support as he now finds himself in the unenviable position of needing both other contenders to drop points.

Now I say both despite there being three other coaches in the mix, that's because with the previously mentioned loss, The Arcana, coached by Tommo are now through to the playoffs! Coming as a result the Week 13 bye that secures them 3rd places at worst with 26pts for the season. They could finish as high as 2nd if Lynxx finds himself unable to defeat Munkey Chunks and the Old Hobart Honeybadgers (as the Draw levels them on TD difference and Tommo holds the Head To Head Record), in what's set to be a high stakes shootout.

Oddly enough, Lynxx, having beaten early Dwarven front-runner eFTy last round now only requires a Draw or better to return to play-off action. His TD difference slightly edges out Krusader's and could serve to rub further salt into the wounds.

If you had asked me 4 weeks ago who I had making playoffs from Div 2, for all money I would have had the Children of Ymir firmly within the Top 2, but alas eFTy now might be left outside looking in. His team as monstrous as it is short, but several costly losses to fellow contenders this past month now leaves him needed results to go his way - And none bigger than the Murder Bowl Showdown with the Faces of 4Chan (Coached by Darkness) this week. There's only one way in, beat Darkness and hope Lynxx loses to Munkey Chunks.


Top 3 Games for Div 2's Week 13

  • The Phobias Reborn Defeated Muten Roshi's Bear School

  • Faces of 4Chan vs Children of Ymir

  • Capital Rats vs Old Hobart Honeybadgers


My Prediction

Lynxx claims 3rd with a draw, Tommo sneaks in for 2nd as a result.


Div 3

Rank Coach Team Tv Pts. W D L TD +/- Week 13 Opponent
1 Morka School of Dance 1870 31 10 1 1 24 The Carroburg Comets
2 Swagtusk Sassy Soviets 1780 22 7 1 4 5 Fork Tonnes
3 Djoolyurn Never Swapping 1910 21 6 3 2 8 The Scuffling Dead
4 Seriasssam Leaping Lizards 1670 21 6 3 3 5 Trump's Chumps
5 Le Zee Sodai Senlin 1430 20 6 2 4 2 Da Git Mob


Another season, another showcase for Morka and his School of Dance. He's secured top spot, smashed his TD record from last season with 41 so far and STILL one game left to play! Unbelievable.

The second spot is a tad more complicated as three teams remain in the hunt for the final spot in Div 3. Head of the pack is Djoolyurn's Never Swapping - the Necro coach who's followed up his playoff debut last season with a strong chance of returning again. Still yet to play his Week 12 game against Unknown Corner, though he'll start a heavy favourite against the winless Dark Elves - it's his Week 13 game that'll prove to be more intriguing, an Undead showdown with Serj's Scuffling Dead could provide an upset that turns Div 3's playoff race on it's head. Still a win in Week 12 puts the pressure on the other two claimants for his spot.

Currently residing in 2nd place, Swagtusk and the Sassy Soviets are providing a real outside chance at taking Div 3's 2nd spot. A favourable match up against Cat Attack Man's Lizards Fork Tonnes will most likely require Djoolyurn to win against Serj. Whilst 3 behind in TD difference, a Djoolyurn Draw in Week 13 opens up the chance of sneaking into 2nd spot with the Head to Head record as the decider (Swag beating Djool 2-1 in Week 9). A big win is needed for Swag this week.

The outside chance? That would be Seriasssam and the Leaping Lizards. Requiring both Djoolyurn to not win his Week 12 or 13 games and Swagtusk to drop points vs Cat Attack, a win vs Yabby's Nurgle menace - Trump's Chumps would see Sam take 2nd spot in this scenario. Unlikely? Yes, but we've seen longer odds come off before.


Top 3 Games for Div 3's Week 13

  • The Carroburg Comet vs School of Dance

  • The Scuffling Dead vs Never Swapping

  • Trump's Chumps vs Leaping Lizardss


My Prediction

Djoolyurn joins Morka and heads into playoffs.


Div 4A

Rank Coach Team Tv Pts. W D L TD +/- Week 13 Opponent
1 AnteaterReborn Da Kahoonaz 1510 28 8 4 0 12 TBA
2 The UltimoBumm Gods of Fate 1570 24 7 3 2 3 TBA
3 Yasmi Masters Of The Underverce 1590 23 7 2 3 7 TBA
4 Nubs11 Queens of the memes 1590 21 5 6 1 5 TBA
5 Alpaca Rider Bright Moon Poets 1740 20 6 2 4 3 TBA


First of the fresh divisions in Season 8 and this one will be quick

AnteaterReborn, after ditching Pro Elves for the sturdier greenskins Da Kahoonaz has clinched 4A


Top 2 Games for Div 4A's Week 13

  • TBA vs TBA

  • TBA vs TBA

Yeah, waiting for Swiss to roll for scheduling previews kind of sucks....


My Prediction

Anteater's already clinched 1st


Div 4B

Rank Coach Team Tv Pts. W D L TD +/- Week 13 Opponent
1 kaverne Krakozhors 1570 29 9 2 1 13 Celebrity Veg 2.0
2 Grod Bulldoserz 1690 27 8 3 1 18 The Way of the Leaf
3 DestructionDarby Celebrity Veg 2.0 1710 23 7 2 3 7 Krakozhors
4 liamcoulston Khorne's Elf Experiment 1290 18 5 3 4 7 Stronk Icebreakers
5 Chubberson The Way of the Leaf 960 15 3 6 3 1 Bulldoserz


Div 4B finds themselves with a tad tighter situation. Kaverne and the Krakozhors are currently leading the way, 2pts clear of their closest rival and almost into the playoffs after a fantastic season.

Problem is that usually with this kind of season, one's playoff spot should be secured - enter the Bulldoserz. Coached by Grod, the new Chorfs on the block have posted a remarkable +18 TD difference in their rookie campaign and as a result forces Kaverne into a must win scenario against the tricky Kislevite - Destruction Darby (who himself gets to play spoiler).

Anything but a win places the Orcs in serious danger of being pipped at the post as there's just no way to make up that TD difference in one game and a win from Grod will either overtake or tie them on points. Perhaps Chubberson and his fearsome Flings The Way of the Leaf can be the final hurdle for Grod to trip over.


Top 2 Games for Div 4B's Week 13

  • Celebrity Veg 2.0 vs Krakozhors

  • The Way of the Leaf vs Bulldoserz


My Prediction

Kaverne keeps top spot after a hell of a scare from Darby


This has been Lyskaris with your special guide to Week 13. Make sure to catch the can't miss action from the Big O! Special thanks to Le Zee/Zht Wu for the assistance

- Lyskaris

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