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It's about that time again, playoffs are just around the corner and now with more spots up for grabs (11 Playoffs, 7 Challenger's Cup) the competition has been fierce. This is your comprehensive run down for the deciding Week 13.

Div 1

Position Coach Team Tv Points Wins Draws Loses TD +/- Week 13 Opponent
1 JamesTyphoon The One True Path 2170 25 7 4 1 8 Never Swapping
2 Serj The Scuffling Dead 2040 22 6 4 2 9 Trump's Chumps
3 Djoolyurn Never Swapping 1810 22 6 4 2 5 The One True Path
4 Lyskaris Warc Machine III 2120 21 6 3 3 3 Muten Roshi's Bear School
5 Durteef Lazy Lounge Lizards UTD 1610 19 6 1 5 1 The Arcana
6 Krusader Muten Roshi's Bear School 1680 17 4 5 3 1 Warc Machine III
7 Yabby69 Trump's Chumps 2080 16 3 7 2 1 The Scuffling Dead

Starting off with the big boys in Division 1 - JamesTyphoon and The One True Path cannot realistically finish lower than 3rd and are the likely number one seed out of Big O for this season's playoffs. One solitary point is all that's needed to lock in top spot and its prize, the coveted first round bye through the Round of 64.

The scourge of Division One for Season 11, Serj and The Scuffling Dead were a heavy favourite to be a contender and by Nuffle they did - running riot over the first two months of competition (barring a Week 6 upset loss to Durteef). However, back to back Draws to both Nurgle teams Faces of 4chan and Trump's Chumps and a shock loss to Muten Roshi's Bear School in Week 12 has seen Serj drop into 2nd place. Now with Week 13 here, there's a real chance that he's about to be pipped at the post.

A real surprise packet, Djoolyurn and his Necromantic powerhouse Never Swapping has bounced back after a disappointing Season 10. Djoolyurn enters Week 13 as an outside chance at snaring top spot - that'll require a margin of 2 or better against James AND needs Serj to loss to Yabby this week too. That said, there's still a marginal chance Djoolyurn could be bumped out of playoffs into 5th spot (Challenger Cup) but the odds of that are rather slim.

It's almost déjà vu, last season Lyskaris and the Warc Machine III overcame a slow start to return to playoffs after a 5 season absence and now in Season 11 do we see the same again. 1-1-3 after Week 5 and now with the chance to finish as high as 2nd place if everything falls correctly for him. That said the next coach is snapping on his heels...

And speaking of déjà vu - it's Durteef! Last season's dark horse once again finds themselves with a last chance to slip into play-offs despite a battering season for the Lazy Lounge Lizards UTD. Currently in 5th (and the Challenger's Cup ticket) he'll need a win against Big O stalwart Tommo to secure his spot. Anything less could see him cruelly overtaken by Krusader or Yabby at the end of the round.

Easily the most inconsistent team in Division One - Krusader and the Muten Roshi's Bear School have found themselves with a chance to snare the Challenger's Cup entry spot after an incredible upset over Serj in Week 12. One only can think of what could have been had a couple other results gone their way earlier this season.

Lastly we come to Yabby. His fearsome Nurgle team - Trump's Chumps have in many eyes missed a golden opportunity, which a controversial Draw to The One True Path in Week 11 followed up by another Draw to the Lazy Lounge Lizards UTD in Week 12. He'll start Week 13 with the longest odds of finishing 5th and earning his place into the Challenger's Cup.

Top 3 Games for Div 1's Week 13

  • The One True Path vs Never Swapping

  • The Scuffling Dead vs Trump's Chumps

  • Muten Roshi's Bear School vs Warc Machine III

My Prediction

James retains top spot, Serj holds onto second, Lyskaris third, Djoolyurn fourth for the playoff spots with Durteef remaining to fifth in the Challenger Cup spot.

Div 2

Position Coach Team Tv Points Wins Draws Loses TD +/- Week 13 Opponent
1 Varksen Bar Room Blusterers 1610 28 9 1 2 16 Clash of Comrades
2 rsVordoca Chaos from Laos 1790 24 7 3 2 5 The Way of the Leaf
3 Cynergy The Nurgtown Crooner 2230 23 7 2 3 5 Catastrophy
4 Seriasssam Leaping Lizardss 2150 23 7 2 3 4 Flying Rainbow Ponies
5 Gdaynick The Ball Pinchers 1640 22 7 1 4 11 Celebrity Veg 2.0
6 DestructionDarby Celebrity Veg 2.0 20 20 6 2 4 4 The Ball Pinchers

Having already clinched Division 2 in Week 12, we'll keep this short - Varksen and the Bar Room Blusterers have followed up an outstanding Season 10 with an even better Season 11. They'll play fellow Division 4 alumni Walkerthonand his Clash of Comrades before getting ready to take flight in playoffs again.

And now we'll get to the rest. Spots 2nd through 6th are still hotly contested and with only 4 post-season tickets available it's coming down to the wire. The current leader of the pack is rsVordoca and his unorthodox Chaos team - the Chaos from Laos. Home to Big O sensation - the Admiral Laos (Agi 5, MA 6, Block, Sure Hands Chaos Warrior), Vordoca just needs to navigate past the crafty Chubberson and his Halflings The Way of the Leaf in Week 13 in order to make playoffs, that he was so cruelly denied last season.

Next in line is one of the favourites in the Division - Cynergy and the Nurgtown Crooners. A surprise draw in Week 12 courtesy of the previously mentioned Chubberson has perhaps shifted the final landscape. A massive showdown with notorious bloodthirsty coach Findeco could prove to be a catastrophy...

Currently sitting in forth is Seriasssam and his aptly named Leaping Lizardss, whom appearing to be peaking at the right time - just skyrocketing up the ladder over the past month. Entering Week 13, Sam holds a lot of sway, with the result of his showdown with HirumaMajere certain to affect every other team's positioning bar Varksen.

Starting Season 11 as the overwhelming favourite to win it all, Gdaynick and The Ball Pinchers must be kicking themselves at this point. A nightmare first half of the season has seen them clawing back from a 1-1-6 start, only to find themselves on the cusp outside looking in. Despite that, if any of the three coaches drop points then Gdaynick will seem himself sneak in with a win. A brutal game against DestructionDarby's Celebrity Veg 2.0 will be the last hurdle.

The irony is that the parallels between Krusader's and DestructionDarby's Kislev teams are there. Both have been wildly inconsistent with their results and whilst the coaches definitely differ, they're both in the same spot - Win and they're in. Admittedly for Darby, his Celebrity Veg 2.0 are still a possibility for a play-off ticket, but they'll require more results to go his way (AND defeat a resurgent Gdaynick).

Top 3 Games for Div 2's Week 13

  • Catastrophy vs The Nurgtown Crooners

  • Chaos from Laos vs The Way of the Leaf

  • The Ball Pinchers vs Celebrity Veg 2.0

My Prediction

Varksen's locked in 1st, rest finish as followed: Vordoca, Cynergy for 2nd and 3rd respectively and Darby to jump into 4th (Challenger's Cup).

Div 3

Position Coach Team Tv Points Wins Draws Loses TD +/- Week 13 Opponent
1 Zygmund Hi Ho off to Work we GO! 1650 30 9 3 0 11 That's Chaos Theory
2 MunkeyChunks Boo Khaki Seaman Spray 1750 24 7 3 2 6 Zoltan's Zwords
3 MrMonster Zoltans Zwords 1720 24 8 0 4 4 Boo Khaki Seaman Spray
4 YFGAS Pseduointellectuals 1750 21 6 3 3 3 Scintillant Snotballz
5 Haz1079 Wood Land Warriors 1880 19 6 1 5 5 Less Useful Mutants

Much like Varksen in Division 2, Zygmund and his Chorf menace Hi Ho off to Work we GO! have clinched top spot (AND the sole play-off ticket of Division 3) in Week 11, An outstanding result after a solid showing in Season 10. All that remains is his game vs RhysA which may have been trickier earlier this season.

Leading the scramble for the rest is a coach reborn - MunkeyChunks. Gone are the fabled Honeybadgers of old, replaced with the leaner, meaner and definitely NSFW Necromantic terror, the Boo Khaki Seaman Spray. Since the reroll, Munkey has been on a tear and is perhaps unlucky that despite his season finds himself relegated to fighting over 2nd spot. That said his Week 13 game will be an absolute monster of a clash....

With this coach - MrMonster! And his fellow Chorfs Zoltans Zwords who have made a remarkable splash, along with fellow ReBBLR graduate YFGAS in their first seasons within the majors. Currently tied on points, will need win this week to wrestle 2nd place away and earn some bragging rights back after a 1-0 defeat earlier this season.

On the outside? YFGAS and his Necromantic (sensing a theme here) team the Pseduointellectuals are looking to pounce if MrMonster loses to MunkeyChunks, that is if he can overcome the dastardly and dangerous Dalryk. His Goblins, the Scintillant Snotballz are the furthest thing from easy beats and have actually beaten frontrunners Boo Khaki Seaman Spray - Twice (2-1 in Euroleague, 1-0 this season).

I'm known for my love of long odds and the longest in Division 3 goes to a Wood Elf - Haz1079 and the Wood Land Warriors. Back to back games against beloved tosser Skyblue Monty has these elves fit, healthy and primed to create an stir in the Challenger Cup... if he can leap into 3rd of course. It'll require a victory over Schlice and his Less Useful Mutants, MrMonster Losing AND YFGAS at best Drawing. In my mind it's achievable and I believe Week 13 will be the perfect storm for an upset.

Top 3 Games for Div 3's Week 13

  • Zoltans Zwords vs Boo Khaki Seaman Spray

  • Pseduointellectuals vs Scintillant Snotballz

  • Wood Land Warriors vs Less Useful Mutants

My Prediction

Zygmund's locked for 1st. MunkeyChunks and Haz1079 to take out the Challenger's Cup spots.

Div 5A

Position Coach Team Tv Points Wins Draws Loses TD +/- Week 13 Opponent
1 JamusMcganus Damage Incorporated 1510 31 10 1 1 12 Those Norscan Buggers
2 PapaNasty The Nasty Nibblers 1450 26 8 2 2 17 Mad Macs: Rebbl Road

5A this season has been one of many oddities. In a Division that contains Changelo9, a Diving Catch Ulfwerener, Romans, mid-season Scotsmen - it's the story of JamusMcganus and his Nurgle, Damage Incorporated. The one season marvel, this reporter remains baffled despite witnessing the feat week in and week out. Needless to say, they've earned the place in the upcoming play-offs.

As for 2nd place? That too is locked up. PapaNasty - a Big O icon with a fresh Skaven team The Nasty Nibblers has made an instant impact, running rampant and if not for a historic season from Jamus would surely be in top spot. A nasty Nurgle wall in the form of mmcnaughton and the Mad Macs: Rebbl Road remain that could be problematic for the rats.

Top 3 Games for Div 5A's Week 13

  • Damage Incorporated vs Those Norscan Buggers

  • The Nasty Nibblers vs Mad Macs: Rebbl Road

  • Wrestle Mania vs Resplendent Romans

My Prediction

Division 5A has been locked already. Jamus takes the one season Nurgle dream to play-offs and PapaNasty goes on to the Challenger's Cup.

Div 5B

Position Coach Team Tv Points Wins Draws Loses TD +/- Week 13 Opponent
1 Morka The Empire Strikes Back!! 1680 24 7 3 2 10 Hat Enthusuasts
2 Chickenfish Orc-Estral 1340 21 6 3 3 1 A Shiver Of Land Sharks
3 DeezMFK You Have Been Chosen 1720 20 5 5 2 8 Beachbowl Barbarians
4 Twigz Varsity Shrews 1450 20 6 2 4 5 They came from Down under

Unlike 5A, 5B has been a tight race all season. That was until last week when Morka and his Norse (?) The Empire Strikes Back!! handed close rival Chickenfish a 2-0 defeat, effectively clinching top spot. I say effectively as there is a world where 1st and 2nd place swap, but that would regard Morka by losing and Chickenfish winning by enough margin to overcome the massive 9 TD difference.

Furthermore, Chickenfish's Orcs, the Orc-Estral aren't home yet. Holding the narrowest of leads over 3rd and 4th place. Their Week 13 game against spoiler Zht Wu, (fresh off a season ending victory over Palmiro) stands as a must win, with any other result putting them in danger of falling at the last hurdle.

Last behind the Orcs are Season 7's Superb Owl Runner-Up, DeezMFK and his High Elves you Have Been Chosen. In a bizarre twist where Morka plays Norse and Deez plays Elves, both have excelled in Season 11 - to the point that had a couple results gone his way, then it may have been him still in contention for top spot. Nevertheless, Deez looks the likely candidate to steal 2nd spot at the buzzer.

Lastly, lurking in the shadows of 4th is Twigz and the Varsity Shrews. On paper, their matchup against liamcoulston'sUnderworld team They came from Down under is a favourable one, just the issue lies with needed several results to fall his way (and the very real threat of getting his Skaven murdered this week).

Top 3 Games for Div 5B's Week 13

  • The Empire Strikes Back!! vs Hat Enthusiasts

  • Orc-estral vs A Shiver Of Land Sharks

  • Varsity Shrews vs They came from Down under

My Prediction

Morka's takes the top spot, Chickenfish holds on to 2nd.

Div 5C

Position Coach Team Tv Points Wins Draws Loses TD +/- Week 13 Opponent
1 Linen Attack on Tolkien 1430 29 9 2 2 7 Staya mates
2 CaltheWookie Ettenberry Eagles 1540 26 8 2 3 13 Henson Hooligans
3 G-Doggidy REBBL Dead's Army 1670 26 8 2 2 12 Coffinwood Maggots
4 Razour Sharp Coffinwood Maggots 1450 26 8 2 2 11 REBBL Dead's Army

Despite being a fresh Division, 5C easily boasts the tightest finish to a season, with 3 teams starting on 26pts and a 4th on 23pts. That's going to be two 8 Win teams missing out on post-season action, which is almost a shame. One of those who is not missing out is Linen and his Lizards Attack on Tolkien. Fuelled by a shocking amount of Saurus development, they've already punched a 2nd placing at worse with a Week 13 victory earlier this week over Staya mates.

The first of the unlucky two, CaltheWookie's great Season 13 will seem him ultimately fall short in 3rd place (barring a draw between fellow top contenders G-Doggidy and Razour Sharp). His Pro Elves the Ettenberry Eagles have performed admirably and will surely use this season's defeat as fuel for Season 12.

The pack leader of 5C all season, Razour Sharp and the Undead horde Coffinwood Maggots enter Week 13 with a fight to the death on the cards. His game against G-Doggity's Necromantic team, REBBL Dead's Army is arguably THE game of the season. Winner takes top spot and the play-off ticket that comes with it. Loser is dumped down to 4th and looks on. Worth noting that despite losing the regular season meeting 2-1, G-Doggity holds the advantage in the case of a draw with the singular TD separating the two.

Top 3 Games for Div 5C's Week 13

  • Ettenberry Eagles Defeated Henson Hooligans 1-0

  • Attack on Tolkien Defeated Staya mates 2-1

  • Coffinwood Maggot vs REBBL Dead's Army

My Prediction

Razour Sharp takes out top spot, Linen remains in second.  

This has been Lyskaris with your special guide to Week 13. Make sure to catch the can't miss action from the Big O and best of luck to our Play-Off & Challenger's Cup bound coaches. Special thanks for Le Zee & Darby for the assistance.

- Gypsy Prince

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