You know, I've been thinking. What do you do when you get matched with one of the billion Chaos Dwarf teams in REBBL? Dodge away? Stay on the ground? NO! Not this time! GET MAD! I don't want to deal with your crap today! It’s time we take this league back. Make Chorf coaches RUE THE DAY they decided to play one of the most hated teams in Blood Bowl! It’s time to stick a boot in all the Blockers who thought they could pile on to OUR players!

I am giving out prizes for the heads of all Chaos Dwarf Blockers and Bulls in all of Rebbl this season. It is time to take back our pitches from these menaces to our society! How you ask? With cold hard cash! You like money right? I know I do. So I’m putting a bounty on the head of every Chaos Dwarf Blocker and Bull Centaur in the league. Why? Because I can that’s why!


How much you ask?

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Any Lvl 2+ Chaos Dwarf Blocker or Bull Centaur that are killed or Strength busted: $5

  • Any Lvl 3+ Chaos Dwarf Blocker with claw that are killed or Strength busted: $10

  • Any Lvl 5+ Chaos Dwarf Blocker or Bull Centaur that are killed or Strength busted: $15

I don’t care how it’s done. You block ‘em dead? You get paid. You put the boot in ‘em? You get paid! You force ‘em to make a dodge or gfi and they fall over and break their neck? You get paid! You pay a wizard to bolt the living (literally) snot out of ‘em? You get paid! You bring in a rowdy enough crowd that throws a rock onto their beady little heads? YOU GET PAID! Who cares about beating them on the pitch? Use your team to beat them into the grave! All season long, we want them to look with their heads over their shoulders (until their heads come off their shoulders that is!)

But wait, there’s more! You’re a Chorf coach and you just killed a couple other Chorfs did you? YOU DON’T GET PAID! That’s right, if you want to participate in the Chorf Culling you can’t be a Chorf coach. We want less, and less is more (more fun for the rest of us that is.) However, if you really want to help out, I will pay you $25 for any of your own Bull Centaurs or Chaos Dwarf Blockers level 3 or higher you kill or strength bust with your own wizard. How about them lemons?

How to collect:

So you killed a blocker. Nice, we love you for it. Want some cash? Just message me on Discord @[FOUL]sbdwiggi/dwiggs. Send me a screenshot of your match report or the match report link. I will be happy to pay you in any of the following methods: Venmo, Squarecash, Steam Gift Cards, Paypal, or Donation to Rebbl.

Note: Any paypal transaction fees will count towards the total of the transaction, except for donations to Rebbl. Donations to Rebbl will occur in one lump sum at the end of the season to minimize fees.

- Dwiggs

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