Hello fellow ReBBL coaches.


As some of you already may have noticed, rebbl.net has gotten a new feature which enables you to set a date on your upcoming match and ultimately results in an overview for both you and our streamers.
This article is an attempt to explain the ins and outs of this new addition.


Setting you match date

If you head over to your personal match overview you should be able to see your upcoming matches, once you are logged in that is.
Please observe that this page does not show you the matches for the current round in each of your division, but simply the first available unplayed for each division, that means it could show you your next round's game in case you already played your game for the current round.

So, lets drill down into how this works:

Here we have a typical match. The textbox on the left will display a calendar and date picker.

You can toggle between date and time with the gray button at the bottom.

When filling out a date and a time, you do not need to bother calculating to UTC, just write down your local time

Once you've change the date/time, you'll notice that the button will turn orange, meaning it's enabled so you can save the date. The button will turn green for 1.5s if the save was successful and then turns gray again. If the button turns red, something might have gone wrong. Try reloading the page and changing the date again. 


Displaying the upcoming matches & schedules times.

First off, you can use the reddit logo to go to front page. In the menu there, you can find a link to upcoming matches. The page shows a couple of things:

At the top you'll find a couple of buttons, one for each division that has a upcoming match plus a button for streamed games. These buttons act as filters, making it easier to find a specific match, or see what matches are getting streamed.
For example, in the following image I choose to show all GMAN games that are being streamed:

Matches that have a glitch (that's what the twitch icon is called)  besides the division name are games that are getting casted by one of our streamer. The icons are link to their twitch channel. So if you're bored at work, you now have a way to easily see if a game is being streamed.


For the streamers.

The people that stream have a little extra functionality that they can use. The upcoming matches page will, if you are logged in, show you an additional button on each row.

The green stream button indicates streams that not have streamers yet, while the red one is used when you regret you decision of streaming a game. Matches that have already another streamer assigned to them, will have no button at all.


That concludes all I think. If you have any question feel free to PM me or let me know in our #rebbl.net channel on discord.

See you on the pitch!

- majorbyte

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