Rodder Stewart is a simple man. When Blood Bowl players are killed on the field, he smiles.

Since he started this whole Chief Scout gig in Season 4, it's fair to say plenty of players have died on the REBBL field. And that brought Rodder to ask himself a question:

"Who is the best at this?"

With a glint in his eye, Rodder took a trip down memory lane and began poring through old match reports, statistics, anything he could get his hands on in pursuit of his ultimate list. Who are REBBL's Deadliest Killers and what can you do, as a coach, to avoid them at every possible opportunity?

The honest answer is very little.

Normally these lists are a Top 10 affair but this one is going to be a little different. With so many murderers to choose from, Rodder has instead ranked them by the total number of kills they've inflicted in their careers. A minimum of five straight-up murders was required to qualify, as well as the small caveat of continuing to be an active Blood Bowl player. If you've been killed yourself, that hardly makes you scary, does it?

Without further ado, Rodder presents his own personal death squad.

Note: Despite his best efforts, Rodder is very likely to have overlooked a couple of players here (especially around the 5 or 6 kill mark) - if one of your players should be here, drop Harringzord a ping on Discord!

Five Star Swingers

Player Team Coach Race Position Division Kills Matches
Monk Ironman Tres REBBL Rage Quit orabbi Chaos Dwarf Blocker REL Div 4 5 36
Mr Jones AnimalFarm Saace Chaos Chaos Warrior REL Div 1 5 102
Mr Whymper AnimalFarm Saace Chaos Chaos Warrior REL Div 1 5 101
Ptahlor Swift United Scarab Khemirates Harringzord Khemri Blitz-Ra GMAN Div 5 5 20
schick things dwarves hate TimNeilson Dwarf Long Beard REL Div 4 5 30
Super Dragon 6000 Not FDA Approved --Atl-- High Elf Blitzer REL Div 3 5 53


Rodder Reckons: The first thing that catches your eye here is the double entry for AnimalFarm's Chaos Warriors, with both Mr Jones and Mr Whymper matching each other stride for stride across their decorated careers. Ptahlor Swift is also one to watch, racking up an equal number of kills in five times fewer games! A couple of Dwarfs of various flavours are inclu... wait, is that an Elf?!

AN ELF. And no ordinary Elf at that. Super Dragon 6000, of course, is a Strength 5 High Elf with Mighty Blow. Man alive.


Six of the Best

Player Team Coach Race Position Division Kills Matches
Al Bundy High Fivers Uber the Noober Necromantic Werewolf REL Div 2 6 35
Happy Snow White & the 6 Chorfs Bleedinghippy Chaos Dwarf Blocker GMAN Div 1 6 40
Ipos Ars Goatia Zeazetta Chaos Beastman REL Div 5 6 38
Morgru Bash Incorporated PapaNasty Orc Blitzer Big O Div 1 6 80
Seanyy Samoa Steave Chaos Beastman GMAN Div 1 6 36
The Bishop Philbo's Phighting Phist Philbo Baggins Orc Blitzer GMAN Div 2 6 50
VX Gillespie Jazz Poison Spacelion Underworld Skaven Blitzer REL Div 4 6 33


Rodder Reckons: A lot of players here killing at a very similar rate, clearly demonstrating the value of Claw when you compare to the time taken for the two Orcs on this list to get to six kills. Happy is certainly the most famous player in this list, as he battered his way to a Season 8 winners medal in formidable style.


Seven Deadly Sinners

Player Team Coach Race Position Division Kills Matches
Edorado McBrain Iron Madden Gengar Khemri Blitz-Ra REL Div 1 7 54
Eightball Ace Trucking Co qix96 Chaos Dwarf Blocker REL Div 2 7 53
Great Brown Cloud Straight Up Flatulence Stoobings Chaos Beastman REL Div 1 7 50
No Suspicious Mutations YOU Worship Chaos Ghazgkull Norse Yhetee REL Div 5 7 34
Speedo McPessimism Gloom & Zoom Ficction Necromantic Werewolf REL Div 1 7 74


Rodder Reckons: Statistically, it looks like it takes around 15 games to get from six kills to seven but the massive anomaly here is that Yhetee, who appears to have been on a complete rampage at some point over the past couple of seasons. We're starting to see some more famous names making the grade now, with Speedo McPessimism warranting particular mention here. That's purely based on how hard REL 1 have been trying to kill him over the past few seasons.


Figures of H-eight (that's hate, not height...)

Player Team Coach Race Position Division Kills Matches
Erik the Red Drakkar's Dominators DeezMFK Norse Berserker Big O Div 1 8 65
Knife Juggler Maybe orc will work Gerbear Orc Blitzer GMAN Div 1 8 97
The Bearded Aunt Things that make ya go UH FullMetalCOS Nurgle Nurgle Warrior GMAN Div 1 8 62
The Ex-Girlfriend Things that make ya go UH FullMetalCOS Nurgle Nurgle Warrior GMAN Div 1 8 63


Rodder Reckons: And again, it takes another 10-15 games to get that eighth kill! Unless you're Knife Juggler...

After dominating the sevens, an interesting quirk to see that REL have no players sitting on eight kills. A special mention to Erik the Red, too, who has a smashed ankle and a smashed knee - leading me to conclude that he's hopping around on one leg and STILL murdering everything he can!


Nine lives, nine times to die

Player Team Coach Race Position Division Kills Matches
Catatonia Momentum Gloom & Zoom Ficction Necromantic Wight REL Div 1 9 74
HateMyHair Necronomics Horney Cricket Necromantic Werewolf REL Div 1 9 70
Mr Frederick AnimalFarm Saace Chaos Chaos Warrior REL Div 1 9 98
Smashing Square Brutal Geometry Anoroath Nurgle Nurgle Warrior GMAN Div 3 9 34


Rodder Reckons: We're back to REL 1 domination and the AnimalFarm Chaos Warrior Pain Train concludes with the terrifying Mr Frederick - slayer of Huge Jackedman.

Crashing the party is the Smashing Square, a Nurgle Warrior for Brutal Geometry who appears to be a bona-fide murder machine. This Nurgle Warrior is killing opponents at a rate of better than one every four games - he doesn't have Piling On, and he only picked up Claw as a fourth skill! That is an exceptional return and if you're in GMAN Division 3 this season, my only suggestion is to run.


Ten Pin Disemboweling

Player Team Coach Race Position Division Kills Matches
AVQC Slaanesh_Slaughterers the Sage Chaos Chaos Warrior GMAN Div 1 10 79


Rodder Reckons: GMAN's deadliest player comes from one of GMAN's deadliest ever teams. Slaanesh_Slaughterers have killed 40 opponents in their time and AVQC, one of the last surviving original players, has picked up a quarter of them. Most of his former teammates have finally bitten the dust but AVQC soldiers on with a broken neck, still with the sole target of killing everything he possibly can.


The Spinal Tappers

The deadliest killers in the whole of REBBL have turned it up to 11...

Player Team Coach Race Position Division Kills Matches
Graoth Bash Incorporated PapaNasty Orc Blitzer Big O Div 1 11 81
M Turnbull Capital Rats Lynxx Skaven Strom Vermin Big O Div 2 11 72
Milan Luich-Troll Oil Miners Pigsofa Dwarf Troll Slayer REL Div 1 11 46


Rodder Reckons: So it's the Big O who take the spoils, with two of the three deadliest REBBL players over on their shores. If anything were to happen to Graoth or M Turnbull, it could be a long time before they reclaim the crown, but for now it's pretty much theirs.

Milan Luich-Troll is an exceptional case here, with the Troll Slayer boasting a stat-line of 6-4-1-7 and killing at slightly over one in four. at AV7 he may not last too much longer, but the brightest stars often burn for the shortest time...

- Harringzord

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