If there's one thing you should know by now, it's that Rodder Stewart loves playoff season. And while the days of inaccurately predicting the qualifiers may be long behind him, REBBL's Chief Scout still finds himself fascinated by the history of the tournament so decided to dig further.

Of particular interest was the performances of each of the twenty-four Blood Bowl races, especially now that with the Halfling success of Season 9, every race has now been represented in the playoffs at least once.

Rodder is therefore delighted to present his probably definitive list of each race's best ever performance in the REBBL playoffs, though a brief history lesson is required. Season 5 was the first REBBL season that saw a full playoff bracket established that brought together all three regions. Prior to this, the league used to have separate REL and GMAN playoffs, with the winners of each qualifying for the grand final. For Seasons 1-4, only progression to the Superbowl is counted - though as less races were competing at the time, this hasn't actually had too large an effect!

This list should soon find it's way over to the REBBL Wiki - records are meant to be broken after all!

(Teams with an * asterisk are currently still competing in the Season 9 playoffs)


Amazon - Round of 32

Season: 8

Team: Fallen Wonders (REL)

Coach: Fall

Rodder Reckons: Well remembered for pitch clearing an entire roster of Wood Elves leaving the Squishy Conquistadors fielding a one-Tree offence in overtime. Amazons have generally struggled to make an impact and it will take something special to get anywhere near the trophy.

Fact: Fallen Wonders are the only Amazon team to ever qualify for the REBBL playoffs.


Bretonnian - Round of 32

Season: 5, 9*

Team: Rhys' Ravens (Big O), Battle Brothers* (REL)

Coach: RhysA, Khalerick*

Rodder Reckons: Slim pickings for Bretonnia, who finally have a representative in the playoffs for the first time since Season 5! Battle Brothers have the opportunity to claim this record outright if they can beat Da Kahoonaz this week.

Fact: Arthur Pendragon played for both of these teams! The Blitzer became a free agent after the demise of the Ravens and was eventually signed by the Battle Brothers, where he qualified for playoffs again!