After 5 games, Gypsy Prince and his Underworld team has continued to clear the field for F-News. Get a high level view of how this was pulled off and a peak at the players on the pitch, read more below.

Week 1: Underworld vs Dwarves (F-News vs GROON)

All improbable Cinderella stories begin with a moment that defines it, for Fox & Friends it was the game that Nuffle took the wheel, Underworld vs Dwarves. Ten out of ten coaches agree, dwarves are a counter pick for Underworld. The only person to predict this going for Gypsy Prince would have been a time traveller, because blitz after blitz, stupid play after stupid play, pass after pass, and touchdown after touchdown ended up giving Fox & Friends the win in the end.

Was GROON robbed? Probably, but this isn’t a story about them.

This game was about positioning and pulling out a improbable passes and then stalling to keep the dwarves from coming back. In the end, it was a 3-2 victory for the Underworld with only a sacrifice of Drew Napin’ alot-to the goblin.

Week 2: Underworld vs Skaven (F-News vs HORSEY)

If you can’t beat Underworld with dwarves, the only natural progression is the enemy of dwarves, Skaven. This nail biting and chittering match ended up being 2-1 in Fox & Friend’s favor, but NIRA kept it close with improbable gutter runner cheese.

What secret plan did the Underworld team have to win this game? Injure as many players as possible. They inflicted 6 injuries and 3 KOs against a team that was short on players to begin with. Drumpf started becoming a star at this point, dishing out 3 casualties on their/his/it’s own. This gateway game is exactly what Fox & Friends needed after not gaining a lot of experience when playing against the dwarves.

Week 3: Underworld vs Underworld (F-News vs LOWTR)

If dwarves won’t cut them down, if skaven can’t deal the cheese, the next best option is to fight fire with fire. Fox & Friends being the underdog in the matchup employed Bomber Dribblesnot to help assist in the game. Bomber was declared the MVP of the match after failing to throw bombs twice, one of which he dropped and KO’ed himself, and was later removed by the referee.

The match was a bloodbath on both sides, but F-News ended up inflicting 5 casualties to LOWTR’s 2, and was able to control the pitch. Drumpf collected another 2, which created one of the first levels on the team. Drumpf sharpened his claws, and continues to use them both to intimate and to kill.

Week4: Underworld vs Underword Redux (F-News vs Dash)

Seeing the advantage of the mirror match, Gypsy Prince determined that another mirror would also go to his favor. Having found success in the previous 3 matches by throwing 5 passes in total, they decided to double their offense and passed 5 times in a single game. Sean Truth de’Spenser found the ball thrown true 4 times and gained a level as a reward.

Outside of scoring the ball, Fox and Friends put out the hurt with 7 casualties and 2 KOs. Their first casualty came before the game even started, as they blitzed on the kickoff and removed a goblin.

Mike “The Fixer” Cohen found himself a casualty and MVP propelling him to level and grabbing tackle to pair with his wrestling ability. Creating a pairing of mighty blow and tackle for Kellyanne “The Con-way” was finally achieved after securing two casualties in the game. Not to be outdone, Drumpf collected another 3 casualties.

While F-News lost the other 4 matches of this week, Fox & Friends retained their undefeated status.

Week 5: Underworld vs Pro Elves (F-News vs GODS)

Due to having very scary claws, there was not a single team on GODS that dared face Fox & Friends. So, to counter the claw, they decided that the AV7 Pro Elves would fare better. Had this been any other week, F-News would have entered this match without tackle against a GODS team that included 4 dodge players, but due to a bounty of SPP the previous week, they had two players equipped for the match.

Fox & Friends decided to kick off, as usual, and were given a gift of a elven blitzer pushing himself too hard on the field and rolling double 1s on a go for it. They recovered the ball and started punishing the elves for their hubris.

The passing game remained strong, with 4 passes, which set up “No Hart” Coulter up to score three touchdowns in the match. Before the match Coulter was heard lamenting about how ineffective her claws were, but after the match the screams of chaos warriors and dwarves were heard from the future.

The game was highlighted with very few injuries, F-News only succeeded in 4 KOs and 1 casualty.There was a hush that came over the crowd when a random Pro Elf landing Drumpf in the injury box. The original diagnosis was that his injury would decrease his armor value by 1, an apothecary had a second look and echoed this dire fate. Drumpf being the stubborn jerk that he is, regenerated his wound, and then proceeded to surf two elves off the pitch later.

- Gypsy Prince

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