You know your way around BB, heard of Imperium, managed to read all the rules (if you didn’t, read them here or check Harringzord's video here, and want to jump in for the upcoming season 2.

Congratulations, you are in for a treat. But Imperium is a new environment. The classic bloodbowl Meta is being replaced with a deck building system that fully changes the approach to the game. 

So if you don't want to make the same mistakes we all did at the beginning, i have some tips for you. You will learn most of this things after playing some tournaments, but hopefully reading this will help you get a head start.

Note: This article assumes you already read and know the basic rules of Imperium. This is a strategy guide, not an extension of the rules.


  • Unskilled environment. 

In imperium, specially when a season begins, decks are limited, core skills are expensive and hard to find. Therefore, you will play tournaments were Blocks are scarce, Dodges a luxury, and Tackle is an ancient art only known by dwarves.

This will lead to the obvious conclusion that skilled rookies like dwarves and positionals are very valuable, so load up on them. But you can go a bit further. Knowing you will fight lots of dwarves, amazon and norse linemen, etc., prepare your deck accordingly to counter them. 


  •  Know your opponent.

You have to build your deck blindly. Don't you? Well… not really. Once you know your opponents for a tournament, check their collections, look if they have cards locked in another tournament. Once you have this information, it's easy to guess what they are likely to play, and that will give you the match-up advantage every time. Pay close attention to deck values and special cards, and look if you can use them in your own favor, as some of them affect players on all teams.

  • Know your sponsor.

Following the same logic as before, you can use the sponsor to your advantage to predict the opponents teams and counter them. Let’s say your sponsor awards you for the amount of passes you complete. Yeah, so let’s make an elf team, right? Do that and call it a day, or... you could be one step ahead, build an elf-hunter killer team, destroy them, and win the sponsor anyway passing every turn after pitchclearing your opponent. An extreme example, but you get the drift. 


  • Don't put all your eggs in one basket. 

Nice! You just got a great +Agi Witch. Now, why not give her leap MB tackle block and let her carry the team? Well, you could spend 5 card slots and lots of value in one OP player, but know that the best players in a tournament will be constantly targeted with Stat bust cards and other creative ways to hurt a player. Those “debuff” cards are relatively common and cheap, so check your opponents collections. If they have these cards and there aren't any potential legend on the coaches collections that could take all the heat, you better bring protection cards for that witch or just spread the love between more players. 


  • Spending gold. 

Probably the most frequently asked question in Imperium:

Which it's better, the basic booster pack or the premium booster pack?

Sorry bud, the short answer is both. The long answer is...long. I'll give you my take on the matter.

Premiums have the best odds for dropping epics and legends. Based on this alone, they are the way to go. But you have no control over what you get from them, so they are amazing at the beginning if you don't know what to play and just want nice cards. Once you know what mixed team or teams you want to play, basic Booster Packs become relevant.

Why is that? Dusting. Player Packs are, by far, the best resource of good players for your mixed team of choice, but you only get to open them by dusting. 10 gold Boosters gives you twice as many cards as Premiums for the same gold, so by buying normal packs you will get to dust twice as often and get twice as many Player Packs.

Is that it? Booster Packs then? Hold that thought.

Dusting for player packs is amazing. Dusting for training or special cards isn't. The rarity drop odds on those are low. Remember when i said the best source for epics and legends are Premium Packs? If you want to load up your collection with epic Training cards and epic Special Play cards… Premium packs are the way to go. 


  • Know your doubles. 

You should know how the doubles rules work. There is no more advice here. Go to #check-doubles-limits channel in the Imperium Discord, memorize them, make sure you understand them, ask questions if needed. Otherwise you will be underperforming, or worse, making illegal decks that will bring you fines and admin loses. 


  • Plan your inducements in advance. 

If you followed the advice Know your opponent, you will have a pretty good idea of how many inducements you might get or give. With that in mind, try to plan what you want to get when building the deck. You should consider two things: 

-If you are thinking about getting a player pack or some stars, go light on players in your initial deck, as short as 11, or you will find yourself with 16 dudes on the roster, or worse, having to pay inducement points to make room for your stars. 

-If your plan is to skill up your players, it's a good idea to leave room for a double instead of spending all of them in the original deck, so that amazing epic training card you just got from that coaching pack doesn't go to waste.


  • Embrace the bloat, control the deck value.

This last one is probably the most important thing to consider when changing from regular Bloodbowl to Imperium.

We are used to cutting our TV as short as we can. The TV defines the power of an efficient team. It doesn’t work like that here, TV is no longer a valid indicator of the quality of the team, Deck Value is. Sometimes your TV will skyrocket, some special play and training card will fill your team with pure TV bloat and that's OK. Classic inducements in Imperium are crap. Without star players and with mercenaries banned, Wizard, babes bribes, RRs, Apo and Chef are the options left. And all of those can be countered somehow with the appropiate card or build. A wizard stadium, 4 RRs and deep bench will make the opponent inducements almost useless. At this point, might as well go all in.

On the other hand, you should be really conservative with your Deck Value. Unlike classic inducements, deck inducements are really powerful, they don’t have diminishing returns like regular inducements have, stars are fairly priced, and Player and Coaching Packs can and usually will drop higher value cards than the cost of the pack. Give up enough inducements and the underdog will end up with a better team than you. 

Well, that's it. Hopefully these tips will help you navigate through those first confusing weeks of Imperium and get some victories. 

See you on the pitch!

- Gaudi

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