Too Long; Didn't Watch.

In our day and age, everything goes faster and people are used to it. Items reach your doorstep less than 24 hours after you ordered them. News are sliced and diced, ready to be consumed in 140 characters and gobbled in less than a minute. Movies and TV shows have to be available 24/7, one click away. And so are Blood Bowl games, for our greatest pleasure.

Now. We know you all love playoffs, that you expect them every season, sometimes frenetically as the weeks slide into the double digits. But we also know that cross-conferences games can be played at times somewhat inconvenient for some. Or that several among us still have loyal families and friends. Hence you may be tempted to catch up, but who wants to to load up a hours long video capable of ending up in a rather tantric 1-0 pushfest?

If Nufflytics' beautiful and straightforward playoffs board is not enough for you, try Too Long; Didn't Watch. Also known as "my ReBBL playoffs in Twitch clips". A simple, quick and easy way to browse the catalog of games so you can decide which to give a proper review to, or just wittily show off your playoffs knowledge with choice words in the beer hall. 

Innocent wayfarer step further warily, for beyond this line nefarious spoilers lie in ambush, ye be warned.

Snow White & the 6 Chorfs vs Straight Up Flatulence 
BleedingHippy (Chaos Dwarves) vs Stoobings (Chaos)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Metal, JamesTyphoon, Gerbear)
Overview: When reigning Chorfs champions face Chaos, over-the-roof gore levels were expected. Do not miss a true succession of twists and turns that tugged at chat's fragile hearts, and sent commentators howling.
Choice Cut: The one and only proper style of shootout

Interdeadmensional BS vs Memeland Bashers 
toastguy7 (Undead) vs Ramhard (Chaos Dwarves) 
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Krusader, Holes)
Overview: Undead, a rare sight on the playoffs pitch these days, meet everyone's favorite cuddly evil midgets. A Blood Bowl version of the quarrel between the ancients and the moderns, with probably more casualties.
Choice Cut: Cinder, Coup de Foudre on a 2+

Bash Incorporated vs Death Then Dishonour 
PapaNasty (Orcs) vs Barmution (Necro)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Harringzord, Hummersepp)
Overview: In one corner an Orc band, slightly lighter on the Legend side, on their fourth consecutive run in the playoffs. In the other a hungry Necro team, claws sharpened and ready to pounce. A battle of positioning, removals and movement.
Choice Cut: Why Elf when you can Wolf?

Rotting Snatchs vs Gloom & Zoom 
tommytootall (Nurgles) vs Ficction (Necro)
Twitch Vod Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 (Cast by: Chabxxu, Mystaes)
Overview: A classic Claw matchup, Nurgle against Necro, with the eternal question of "Who will remove most of the other team first?" Don't miss part 1, for it packs one of the highest octane start you can dream of.
Choice Cut: Hot dice baby

Drakkar's Dominators vs Film Flayers 
Deez (Norse) vs Holes (Necro)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Harringzord, Krusader, Metal)
Overview: The only Norse team in the playoffs, previously runner-up in season 7 and now back with a vengeance. To stop them, an up-and-coming Necro team well decided to get their share of fame. The winners? The audience of course.
Choice Cut: Erik the Legend finally decided to use his head

United Scarab Khemirates vs Deadly Nightshade
Harringzord (Khemri) vs AndyDavo (Dark Elves)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Metal, Gerbear, Cynergy)
Overview: A more than promising, and highly expected, match-up. Elves did elf things, Khemri did khemri things; even more than usual. Will bring you tears of joy or sadness, depending on where you side.
Choice Cut: Harringzord's Khemri Gallant Turn 16

All Rats must DIE vs The Farm Animals 
Scytalen (Skavens) vs Chabxxu (Chaos)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Harringzord, Metal)
Overview: The epitome of style opposition, with the added thrill of waiting to see if rats can outscore their opponent before being ventilated across the pitch. Viewer discretion is advised.
Choice Cut: One turner on the pitch is worth two in the- wait...

Bloodsuckers Inc. vs Le Gland Bleu
Randomboy987 (Vamps) vs Thessa (Wood Elves)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Harringzord, FullMetalCOS, TheRichestTea)
Overview: Probably the less conventional match-up of the Round of 32. Expect hypnogazes, leaps, dodges, injuries, dubious lucky dice rolls and baffled commentators... The whole shebang.
Choice Cut: Zara, meet Lucker Noob

Snake Kitties vs Picking Flowers
Teddy Rose (Lizardmen) vs Mego (Chaos Dwarves)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: unholyKrusader, Swagtusk, Huztler)
Overview: Chorfs in pink jerseys versus bare-scaled Lizardmen, but this is no practice. The former carrying high the colors of the Ramp-Up system, the latter trying to climb up among the best of their kind, .
Choice Cut: Of the important, if transitory, nature of cherry blossoms

Doomed Witches vs The Mesozoic Mighty Men
JapeNZ (Dark Elves) vs Cakengrad (Lizardmen)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Iron Master, Michaels)
Overview: All the dramatic ingredients were there: the dominating, top shape Dark Elves team; the brave Lizardmen one still under construction. The classic underdog story?
Choice Cut: When Nuffle says "Hmmmmm... Nope."

Battle Brothers vs Da Kahoonaz
Khaleric (Brets) vs AnteaterReborn (Orcs)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Luminous, Holes, J.J. Cash)
Overview: The valiant knights of Bretonnia taking on Orcs. Two different approaches and one question: will heroic shenanigans be the solution to overcome the war of attrition?
Choice Cut: Bretonnian legendary magic abilities at work

Common Nightmares vs Elements Of Style
Hairy Coo (Necro) vs Mystaes (Wood Elves)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Superfedtv)
Overview: A high mobility and methodical game where positioning, a couple of judgment calls and a few critical dice rolls seemed to sway the game respectively on one side then the other.   
Choice Cut:
Game opener: "Commitment & Reward"

The Grody Greens vs Bash Buddies 
LazarusDigs (Nurgle) vs Bärserk (Necro)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Cynergy)
Overview: A confrontation between season 8's and season 9's trendy races. A path of well aimed punches and tactical inducements use, to be followed deep into the thrilling end of second half.
Choice Cut: Nurgle infamous two headed ball sack

Play On The Music vs Skyriders CBB
TheDrNick (Chaos Dwarves) vs Mupetillo (Necro)
Twitch Vod 
(Cast by: Krusader, Swagtusk, Hindi)
Overview: Chorfs vs Necros: the season 9 "classic". After a start on a false rhythm, things picked up allegro for a tense finale, despite the tendency of one side to remove their own players. 
Choice Cut: Chorf on a mission

RRMafia Mumblerats vs Tooth And Fist
Kummostern (Skavens) vs michaels (Necro)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: FullMetalCOS, Mmcnaughton)
Overview: Skaven and Necromantic have in common that they have their defenders and detractors, both with strong arguments, and rarely leave the crowd indifferent. Caution: high level of rat BS can send some frothing at the mouth.
Choice Cut: "難知如陰,動如雷霆" - Art of War, Chapter 7

Slaanesh_Slaughterers vs Thick Rich and Creamy
the Sage (Chaos) vs JimmyBurrito (Necro)
Twitch Vod Part 1 Part 2 (Cast by: Iron Master, Holes, Ficction)
Overview: Season 4 champion Chaos aiming to show they still have it, facing a Necro team ready to climb onto the next step of the bracket. A tactical and violent game, with a delightfully tense ending. 
Choice Cut: Block > Guard? 

This piece wouldn't have been possible without all of you passionate members of the ReBBL, generously giving your time to make moments like these happen. So thank you:
To the admins for managing and giving us a splendid platform to enjoy Blood Bowl week in week out; all the while enduring the madmen us coaches are. 
To the casters for sharing their love of the game, broadcasting live game and recaps, thusly giving us easier access to matches and places to meet live.
To the technicians and the news crews, for respectively building us our own websites outside of Reddit; and keeping us coaches up-to-date with results, events and a lorry load of data.
And finally to the coaches for not only playing in the league, but also sharing with the community; and eventually joining one of the aforementioned groups to build ReBBL even stronger.
This particular piece was both inspired by Dreamifi's initiative to centralize VoDs on a Reddit post, so credits where they are due for the hard work. It was also motivated by some comment this season by SuperFed, saying that ReBBL had to "up its clip game"; hope this brings the beginning of an answer. 

- Zee

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