Too Long; Didn't Watch

If you liked it for Round of 32, you'll be glad to have a second serving for Round of 16.
As our coaches continue their quest for the Magnum Cup, games will become even more ruthless. A place among the top 8 teams of the season is nothing to sneeze at, and you can bet the following teams did not come to polish door knobs. Expect a wide array of play styles and a good dose of Claw.
So, without further ado, we at ReBBL News proffer our second iteration of our guide to play-offs games. Enjoy our free samples to help you decide which game to watch.
Warning: samples may contain traces of spoilers.

RRMafia Mumblerats vs Slaanesh_Slaughterers
Kummostern (Skaven) vs the Sage (Chaos)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Seanman, FullMetalCOS, Hindus)
Overview: When the Sage tries to bring back his season 4 Champions, the way to the top is blocked by his own friend and a herd of light speed link-fetching rats. The simple announce of this match-up had spectators rushing for tickets.
Choice Cut: "Mental"

Drakkar's Dominators vs All Rats must DIE 
DeezMFK (Norse) vs Scytalen (Skaven)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Krusader, Swagtusk, FullMetalCOS)
Overview: On their way out of the Big O, can Snowballa and his troops make it with another step in quarterfinals? Or will Scytalen be the first of playoffs coaches to land the "Triple Scalp" by beating one opponent of each conference? 
Choice Cut: Premium skaven tactics

Bash Buddies vs Da Kahoonaz
Bärserk (Necromantic) vs AnteaterReborn (Orcs) 
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Krusader, Swagtusk)
Overview: The first of two European Necro coaches takes the pitch, aiming to assert the Necromantic dominance even deeper on this season. Bärserk will no doubt offer a rough tactical challenge to Anteater's surprise Orcs, out of the Big O.
Choice Cut: The sound that wakes up commentators

Snake Kitties vs The Elements Of Style 
Teddy Rose (Lizardmen) vs Mystaes (Wood Elves)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Iron Master)
Overview: Where the Lizards, coming on a RAMPUP ticket, try to beat their own boss to take over a spot in the season 9 elite. While Woodies keep dancing and continue their stylish antics: a step closer to the edge, for a step closer to the top. 
Choice Cut: Sidestep in style

Snow White & the 6 Chorfs vs The Mesozoic Mighty Men 
Bleedinghippy (Chaos Dwarves) vs Cakengrad (Lizardmen)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Harringzord, Chubstep)
Overview: The returning champion, building his seasonal pile of corpses to raise himself to the Cup, one more time. Cakengrad, on the other hand, proved you can admin beginner's leagues without being one and faces the claw challenge once more.
Choice Cut: Reroll one, get two free

Deadly Nightshade vs Interdeadmensional BS 
AndyDavo (Dark Elves) vs toastguy7 (Undead)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: unholyKrusader, Gerbear, vikingkop)
Overview: Andy Davo, streamer and Table Top player extraordinaire, on his mission to bring Dark Elves back in fashion. While toastguy7 is looking to prove that Undead is the new vintage flavor on the rise, ideally with a second trophy this season.
Choice Cut: An auspicious start

Bloodsuckers Inc. vs Play on the Music
Randomboy987 (Vampires) vs TheDrNick (Chaos Dwarves)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Harringzord, Gerbear)
Overview: Bloodsuckers Inc. launched to equal, and maybe break, their record of reaching Round of 8 in season 7, while claiming a Triple Scalp on the way. Play on the Music will continue to defend pink jerseys as a valid choice and try to dodge the deathfloor assaults.
Choice Cut: Close, but no cigar 

Death Then Dishonour vs Gloom & Zoom
Barmution (Necromantics) vs Ficction (Necromantics)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Krusader, Miraskadu)
Overview: Only the second Necro mirror of the playoffs, if you can believe this. Barmution will bring the "Dodge" Euro-Necro, and Ficction the "Mighty Blow" US-Necro. Otherwise this game should please everyone: one Necro team will reach quarter finals, and one will drop of the playoffs.
Choice Cut: He's doing it again

If you are looking for more infos on the playoffs, check the whole games history, the table and the plays of the week.
These playoffs and news articles wouldn't exist without the collective effort of ReBBL members: admins, broadcasters, tech wizards and contestants; every last one of them a Blood Bowl coach. You can find more info on all of these amazing people here at r/ReBBL.
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- Zee

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