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Usually, when watching some sports event, Quarterfinals tend to hit the sweet spot for me. The spectrum of team/players still in play is narrow enough to expect high quality games; while it remains just wide enough to offer the possibility of an upset, an unexpected winner. Or in other words: all final contestants have the makings of a potential champion, but the game could still favor the unlikely.
This season quarterfinals offer a "lighter" line-up of suspects than what might have been expected at the start of the campaign. What's more, no former title winner is left in the race, so it'll be a first for any of our coaches that reaches the summit. To give you a quick break-up of the races still in play, in your "Quarterfinals" tortilla this season, you will find:

  • Two Necromantic teams -  The season 9 trend, making up 25% of the quarterfinals teams. A not-so-surprising fact considering that nine of those started in the playoffs. And that a Necro team already claimed the title in the past. As popular and omnipresent as avocado.
  • Two Skaven teams - Another 25% of the Round of 8 teams. The confirmation that rats are never to be disregarded, an advice that counts double when they hold a natural one-turner in their ranks. Also a race that reached and grabbed the title. The high level of cheese you needed.
  • A Dark Elves team - One more race formerly holding the title. The classic option, the one nobody is unhappy about. Always a pleasure to have, even more when handled by a true aficionado. Like grilled meat: always in fashion, a delight until the last bite, even when ground.
  • A Lizardmen team - Not-so-surprising presence here as well, considering that Lizards traditionally have a solid presence across all conferences. Their unique rosters will always call to coaches of varied backgrounds. The fish alternative for those wanting a change of taste.
  • A Wood Elves team - As the Lizards, a race with a strong presence around the league, but holding no title. Wood Elves reached the semi-finals in the past and could leap even further this season. Praised by some, loathed by others, they are the cilantro touch of any season.
  • A Vampire team - Trying to break his own record of reaching the Quarterfinals, Randomboy will be on the path to prove that his presence at this stage, although slightly unexpected, is not without reasons. Providing the kick to spice everything up, they're this season salsa roja.

And now for the games, usual spoiler disclaimer applies.

All Rats must DIE vs Elements of Style - Match Sheet
Scytalen (Skavens) vs Mystaes (Wood Elves)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Harringzord, Gerbear, Kaosubaloo)

Overview: Undoubtedly the match-up of these quarterfinals that will appeal to all Dash team fans. Both teams went through the gauntlet of a triple serving of Bash teams before encountering each other. Consequently, the change of pace, although welcomed, may prove tricky to handle.
Expect to watch Scytalen trying to improve on his impressive first season with ARMD, aiming to reach the semi-finals after claiming a Triple Scalp in the playoffs. Facing him, Mystaes will continue to delight you with his Wood Elves acrobatics extravaganza; his eyes set on the semis. While still denying being a pretender to the Title.

Choice Cut: Turn 9 Dilemma

RRMafia MumbleRats vs Bash Buddies - Match Sheet
Kummostern (Skavens) vs Bärserk (Necromantics)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Saace, the Sage, Metal)

Overview: This was the third Skaven-Necro match-up of the playoffs; and the second for Kummostern. Of the tow coaches, Bärserk faced the most varied set of opponents before these quarters finals, while this we'll be the third Claw team on the path of Kummostern.
Kummo started his Claw adventure with a 5-4 win against another Necro team, a feat he will be planning to repeat. His toolbox containing a natural one-turner and a couple of AGI ups should help for that. Bärserk does not have to blush either, with his well developed Necros featuring a +ST Fleshy and a 7447 Blodge Ghoul. Freaks we told you...

Choice Cut: Snatch & Grab: Volume 2 

The Mesozoic Mighty Men vs Bloodsuckers Inc. - Match Sheet
Cakengrad (Lizardmen) vs Randomboy987 (Vampires)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: Krusader, Swagtusk, IronAdept)

Overview: This is the most "exotic" of your Quarterfinals match-ups, but everything featuring Vamps would be, at that stage... Both teams came here by beating on some Chorfs, a fact that a several among us may rejoice in. Both teams are led by solid coaches, whose personal reputation is already established.
Cakengrad probably had the roughest path of the two: taking down Chaos, Delves then Chorfs; the last one being the reigning champion, BleedinHippy. RandomBoy is building on his "Lucker Noob" Nufflie by bringing Vamps to Quarterfinals once more and claimed a Triple Scalp on the way, can he make it into Semis?

Choice Cut: Randomboy and the Dice Chucking

Deadly Nightshade vs Gloom & Zoom - Match Sheet
AndyDavo (DarkElves) vs Ficction (Necromantics)
Twitch Vod (Cast by: FullMetalCOS, SuperFed)

Overview: The last of the quarterfinals to be played, offering a more "classic" match-up. Both coaches looking like choice pretenders for the final title. Otherwise an opposition of freshness: the Delves started only this season while the Necros have seen many a moon pass in the ReBBL sky.
AndyDavo's path was clearly the most varied of the two teams, having faced Helves, Khemris and Undeads. He's coming in with a couple of pieces missing, as well. Ficction is the last regular season champion still present, his past two games showing some aggressive plays, and no TD taken. His second time in Quarterfinals, well poised to make it further this season.

Choice Cut: Stubbornness or Persistence?

As it is customary, words of thanks go to the admins, technicians, broadcasters, booth guests, news reporters and coaches that make the playoffs atmosphere possible. Muchas gracias, and all that.
If you need only one reason to watch this round vods, it should be to witness Rodder Report™ hard work and commitment; pleasing the crowds as they wait for the game to kick-off. 

- Zee

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