Hello there and welcome for our Too Long; Didn't Watch (TL;DW) series, season 10 edition.
With ReBBL play-offs for season 10 running from February 20th to April 2nd, we return to help you pick which game to watch. If you're returning after last seasons series, welcome back! You already know the drill so wipe your feet on the way in and start scrolling.

To those not yet familiar with the format. Considering that ReBBL play-offs are played cross-conference, they tend to take place at times not always convenient, which can cut you from the thrills of live broadcasting. On top of this, the sheer amount of games to watch (especially for week 1) is a recipe for insanity for any normal person. Hence, this series: to help you pick which game to watch and offer links to VODs, with an idea of the challenges and stakes before diving in.

For those who like to se all the results at a glance, there is the ReBBL.net play-offs tree. If the VODs are not available anymore on the links below, try our Beloved Overlord Youtube channel

A quick glossary of sorts before you get any further.
REL is the Americas conference, GMAN the European one and Big O the Australia/Asia/Pacific one.
Play-ins were a pre-play-offs tournament where teams coming from fresh divisions (those with a letter in their name) would fight for play-offs tickets.
Marked with :purple_heart:are a small and personal selection of games I dare recommend.

Enjoy your scrolling, and your watching.
Warning: video clips may contain various doses of spoilers.

Everyone Hates Me vs School of Dance
Chabxxu (Chaos Dwarf) vs Morka (Wood Elves)
Twitch VOD - Cast by: Krusader, Swagtusk, SladeBlackMage
Overview: Coming back to the play-offs is Chabxxu, not on his first rodeo. The bash games has no secret for him: forgoing his animal themed REL Chaos team, he comes back with everyone least favorite hispters: Chorfs, straight out of the play-ins.
Facing him is Morka; a Big O staple name, with his usual team: Wood Elves. Morka is no newbie either: former play-offs semi-finalist, scoring more than 40 touchdowns during season 9, he's an agility force to be reckoned with.
Choice Cut: Loner life

Pantheon Passers vs I hätt a Sauspiel
Tself55 (Pro Elves) vs Hindi (Kislev)
Twitch VODCast by: Harringzord, Metal 
Overview: At home, Tself55 and his Pantheon Passers, a three seasons old team. Coming from the highly competitive first division of REL, Tself55 can take confidence in his second place and his an elf coach to keep an eye on.
On tour, Hindi and his joyous band of GMAN Kislevites; one season fresh but already tried and tested through the newly implemented play-ins. With a nicely developed team and a "LuckerNoob" prize in hand, Hindi has nothing to fear from anyone.
Choice Cut: A good start

Slaanesh_Slaughterers vs The Ball Pinchers :purple_heart:
the Sage (Chaos) vs GdayNick (Wood Elves)
Twitch VOD - Cast by: Swagtusk, Krusader 
Overview: On one side: Sage, of Internet Youtube and Twitch fame, returning with his Chaos band from GMAN; still alive and kicking long after winning a championship title for their first season (IV). Let's see if they can tickle their way to another title.
Opposite of him: GdayNick, one of the talented players from Down Under. Holder of the record for deepest run in the play-offs with Underworld, he came back with a fresh Wood Elves team; showing in play-ins why Wood Elves brought him to the final of CCL season 17.  
Choice Cut: Mine!

Born to be wild! vs Werewolf of Wall Street
BlissfulFire (Chaos) vs CunningFoxPup (Necromantics)
Twitch VOD - Cast by: Metal, Krusader
Overview: Here is a match-up to please the punching enthusiasts.
With the home field advantage we have a well-rounded, if starting to show wear and tear, Chaos team from GMAN. Coached by the experienced BlissfulFire, they are his vessel for a third play-offs run.
Facing them, also a well rounded Necromantic team led by CunningFoxPup from REL. Bringing to the party his seasoned Necro team: three seasons old with only one loss taken during this regular season.
Choice Cut: Thwack!

Thus with a kiss I die vs Tarot Alliance
Tommytootall (Wood Elves) vs SladeBlackMage (Chaos Dwarves)
Twitch VOD 1 & 2 - Cast by: Tself55, Michaels
Overview: Coming from REL, Tommytootall returns to the play-offs; this time with a change of pace: Wood Elves and not Nurgle anymore. An experienced coach, he has the potential to offer an amazing show with them Woodies.
On the opposite side of the line of scrimmage, coming at us through the Minors: SladeBlackMage and his tarot named Chaos Dwarves. Looking to prove that Minors coaches although have a place at the Majors table.
Choice Cut: Are you OK with that?

Royaltons Circus vs Warc Machine III
Sir Willis III (Kislev) vs Lyskaris (Orcs) 
Twitch VOD - Cast by: Krusader, Swagtusk
Overview: Coming from GMAN is Sir Willis the Third, bringing to the pitch his Kislev team forged in the fires of three seasons of European Blood Bowl, tempered in Devastational runs.
Facing him, Warc Machine III brought up by XS from the Big O; often called the bridesmaid for previously missing the play-offs by a hair. Finally out of Bash Inc. shadow, is this the coming of #XS4SX?
Choice Cut: Prime Time

Faces of 4Chan vs Common Nightmares
Darkness (Nurgle) vs Hairy Coo (Necromantic)
Twitch VOD - Cast by: Harringzord, XS
Overview: Hairy Coo is back in the play-offs, leading once more "The fairest Necro team in REL". Forced out of play-offs the precedent season at the hands of then future champion Mystaes. You can bet they're back with a vengeance.
To try to stop him here is Darkness from the Big O. After a slow start in the Big O's very own death div Darkness clawed his way up and claimed his play-offs ticket on the late despite some losses in the warrior department. 
Choice Cut: Goat on Dog action

The Scuffling Dead vs Rats Against Teen Stars
Serj (Necromantics) vs Razzle Storm (Skavens)
Twitch VOD - Cast by: Cynergy, Michaels
Overview: First appearance in the play-offs for Serj from the Big O. With his three seasons old Necro team, he started strong in the Big O murder div and managed to stay among the top coaches to clinch his play-offs ticket.
Coming from REL, Razzle Storm came out on top of an epic battle for his play-offs ticket. His Skaven team clinched their second play-offs appearance without taking any losses and a +21 TD difference... What else do you want to add? 
Choice CutBork? Yelp!

Ace Trucking Co. vs Interdeadmensional BS
Qix96 (Chaos Dwarves) vs Toastguy7 (Undead) 
Twitch VOD - Cast byKaosubaloo, Chabxxu
Overview: Hailing from the lands of REL, Qix96 and his Chaos Dwarves will start their play-offs appearance at home. Sporting a handful of well developed players after 3 seasons, they have the tools to keep waddling  forward this season.
Coming from GMAN, Toastguy will bring his Undead bunch for the second time to the play-offs in two seasons of existence. If you add to this the fact that he's moving in without any loss to stain his regular season record...
Choice Cut聲東擊西

The Arcana vs The Rowdy REBBL Rousers
Tommo (Pro Elves) vs Atomex (Nurgle)
Twitch VOD - Cast by: Krusader, AussieViking
Overview: Tommo is one of the regular names from the Big O to make it to the play-offs. An elf coach at heart, he keeps pushing his Pro Elves team into new heights with his passionate but solid, no-nonsense playstyle.
On the other side of the pitch, out of REL, Atomex will be lining up his well developed Nurgle team REL. Also sporting a loss free season, he will clearly be aiming to bring them along for a deep play-offs run this season. 
Choice Cut: Quod Erat Demonstrandum

The Rat Way To Go vs The Lizzardblizzard
JamusmcgamuS (Skavens) vs GemeneRick (Lizardmen)
Twitch VOD - Cast by: Doof, IAmTheTruBlu, Chubstep
Overview: Every season Big O 1 has a Rat-King, this season it was Jamus. Often in the shadow of more established names, he proved his value by maintaining his position among the top 5 of his div and returns to the play-offs.
Returning to the play-offs as well is GemeneRick from GMAN. After claiming a ticket last season as Minors Champion, his Lizards took the second spot in GMAN 3 to come back and try to best their own performance in the play-offs.
Choice Cut: Rat GFI

Rebellious Scions vs Deadly Nightshade :purple_heart:
A_Velociraptor (Dark Elves) vs AndyDavo (Dark Elves) 
Twitch VOD - Cast by: Harringzord, Metal
Overview: Hailing from REL 2, A_Velociraptor will bring his 3 seasons-old Dark Elves team to the play-offs. With the experience at their head and a few nicely developed players he can hope to make an impact in this Dark Elves mirror.
Returning to the play-offs, for the second time in as many season are the Deadly Nightshade coached by GMAN's AndyDavo. Reaching the semis last season, defeated but landing a prize for his sportsmanship, Andy is a competitor at heart that will no doubt aim for the title, nothing less.
Choice Cut: Blood in the water.

Buff Men With Short Legs vs Ars Goatia
Hutzler (Dwarves) vs Zeazetta (Chaos)
Twitch VODCast by: Rusty Seabutter, Metal, C.Arnoud
Overview: Claiming the second place in GMAN 2 to make it to the play-offs is Huztler and his group of Dwarves. Will his core of highly developed players be strong enough to carry the rest of the team to victory?
The same could asked of Zeazetta's Chaos team. While three seasons fighting on the pitches of REL brought invaluable experience, as shown by their final TD differential this season, they also exerted their toll on the roster of Ars Goatia.
Choice Cut: Like a ballerina

Battle Brothers vs Army of Darkness 1.1
Khalerick (Brettonian) vs Flyktsoda (Necromantic)
Twitch VOD - Cast byKrusader, Miraskadu
Overview: Finishing second in REL 2, Khalerick is back in the play-offs  with his Brettonian outfit. While his core trio of Blitzers is nicely built, will that be enough to carry the Battle Brothers beyond kicking Hoggart's butt?
Bringing another GMAN Necro team to the show, Flyktsoda will aim to get his team as far as possible in these play-offs. Not unlike his opponent, his team is led by a handful of very experienced players themelves seconded by fresher arrivals.
Choice CutBrettonian cage fight

Arkangell's Will vs That's Chaos Theory
Arkangell7 (Wood Elves) vs RhysA (Lizardmen)
Twitch VOD - Cast byKrusader, IronMaster
Overview: Finishing first in REL 3 to arrive here, Arkangell boasts a nicely rounded roster of Wood Elves. With the experience accumulated at their helm for three seasons, Arkangell seem in good position to perform well in the play-offs.
Facing him will be RhysA, out of one of Big O's lettered division. Propelled by nice level-ups, led by experienced hands, his Lizards made their way to the play-offs and will have a rough challenge against Wood Elves, a classic match-up for Rhys this season.
Choice Cut: Ouhhh

Gloom&Zoom vs Dark Moon Poets
Ficction (Necromantics) vs AlpacaRider (Necromantics)
Twitch VOD - Cast by: AussieViking, Swagtusk, Fyrs
Overview: Finishing in the top 5 of REL, Ficction returns to the play-offs with the aim to beat his appearance in quarterfinal last season. His experience at the head of a Necro team is only rivaled by the quality of his werewolves.
On the other side of this Necro mirror is AlpacaRider from the ranks of the Big O. Reaching the play-offs for his second season in the Pacific Conference, he will have a tough challenge facing one of the staple names when it comes to Necro in ReBBL.  
Choice Cut: Let slip the dog of war

Ready Lizard One vs Bark Brothers 
Holeyboy (Lizards) vs Mighty Zug (Wood Elves)
Twitch VOD - Cast byAussieViking, Krusader
Overview: First out of GMAN 3, Holeyboy brings his Lizardmen with only one loss to their record during the regular season. With three seasons of development under their belt, they will do their best to enforce their motto.
First in their way, Mighty Zug's Wood Elves. Another team with a single loss to their counter for the regular season, born in Ramp-up and grown over in REL. The presence of loners in the roster should be compensated by some very pretty core pieces.  
Choice CutHey, Blondie

Bash Buddies vs Off Work Boyz
Bärserk (Necromantics) vs Sherlock77 (Orcs)
Twitch VOD - Cast by: Krusader, Swagtusk
Overview: Returning to the play-off for the second season in a row, Bärserk will aim to bring his Necro from GMAN a step further than last season. With such a pair of wolves back up by some Guard, he clearly has the means for such.
Freshly arrived from ReBBRL, out of one of Big O's lettered division, Sherlock77 took his Orcs through the trials of the play-ins. His opponent already stopped a fresh Big O Orc team last season, will this be a repeat? 
Choice Cut: Zombie on a tear

New Year Norse vs The Big Cups :purple_heart:
Ornan (Norse) vs Juvesak (Dwarves)
Twitch VOD - Cast byHarringzord, Aromasin, IAmTheTruBlu
Overview: Out of REL, Ornan is one of ReBBL players that do not need any introduction. Known for his "all-in" playstyle, champion with his Norse calendar for season 7, Blood Bowl World Champion in 2018, the list is endless. A true force to be reckoned with.
Out of GMAN 9, Juvesak will make his task to stop Ornan right in his tracks. Claiming the only play-offs ticket of his division, with a single loss on top of it, will no doubt have given him the confidence to tackle a bunch of burly men in speedos. 
Choice Cut: Nuffle and the Dorf

The Way of the Leaf vs The Greenhorns :purple_heart:
Chubberson (Halflings) vs Train-Ra (Chaos Dwarves)
Twitch VOD - Cast by: Krusader, AussieViking
Overview: Out of Big O, Chubberson missed the play-offs ticket of his division by a hair but claimed the Stunty Cup one to show up anyway. Playing a very solid game of Halflings, he will try to qualify for Round of 32 for the second time in as many seasons. 
Train-Ra will bring his GMAN Chorfs on the pitch to stop him. Albeit only a season old, their well rounded development and experience through the early knock-out games of the play-ins will give him tools to tackle a team of Halflings.
Choice CutSafety Chorf

Khamun Konsulting vs Jinny's Sugardaddies 
Daerkannon (Khemri) vs Ladykilljoy (Dark Elves) 
Twitch VOD - Cast by: xHoles, RustySeabutter
Overview: For the third season with his Khemri Konsultants, Darkannon will take them to the play-offs. Sporting a few very buff players, his experience in REL dishing out the pain should prove quite fearsome on the pitch.
If there are two things to know about his opponent Ladykilljoy it is their unnatural obsession for K-Pop singers and ability to play Dark Elves. After claiming the only ticket in GMAN 7, can Jinny's Sugardaddies  overcomes their mangled roster to keep going on?
Choice Cut: Unsatisfactory, for both

United Scarab Khemirates vs Nurgle's FTDs
Harringzord (Khemri) vs Highlord Salt (Nurgle)
Twitch VOD - Cast byFullMetal, Hindus
Overview: One of ReBBLfigureheads taking the pitch in the person of Harringzord, from GMAN. His Nufflie of Broadcaster of the Season speaks for itself, his return to the play-offs proves his coaching abilities. No reason for him to stop, as long as Terry picks up the ball.
On his way will be Highlord Salt's Nurgle team, from REL3. With only one loss during the regular season, and a well developed set of players, this three season old team has the means to play a role during this play-offs. Starting now.
Choice Cut: TG Ball

TEAM FANTASTIC vs Greenskin Brawlers
JimmyFantastic (Chaos) vs Professor Chaos (Orcs)
Twitch VOD - Cast byChabxxu, XS
Overview: Coming first out of GMAN4 with the highest TD difference; JimmyFantastic, of Youtube and Twitch fame, is bringing his coaching experience to the play-offs. Expect to see strength up Chaos and CAPS LOCK names.
Facing Jimmy's Chaos will be Pr. Chaos with ... an Orc team. Finishing first of REL6 with only one defeat to their counter, they bring a few nicely developed pieces among which Blitzers and an Orc thrower that will aim to demonstrate its utility.
Choice Cut: Red ones go faster

Maybe orc will work vs [REBBL]Brutalia
Gerbear (Orcs) vs Docmarc (Dwarves)
Twitch VOD - Cast by: Metal, Dreamifi, Vikingkop
Overview: Famous for his playing speed and memeing ability, Gerbear will bring his GMAN Orcs to the play-offs once more. Delivered of the KnifeJuggler curse, freed from the weight of season 9 wooden spoon, is this the season of the Gerbear? 
Hailing from GMAN as well, Docmarc will try to stop Gerbear with the help of his Dwarves. With a nicely leveled core of players and only one loss to his record, Docmarc has nothing to fear when pitched opposite the meme machine.  
Choice Cut: Grumpy, Ball carrier

Infection Inc vs Bar Room Blusterers :purple_heart:
Infinite Pink (Nurgle) vs Varksen (Wood Elves) 
Twitch VOD - Cast byHarringzord, Metal
OverviewOut of GMAN one comes InfinitePink and his Nurgle team. A tenor of GMAN top division, no stranger to high stakes games, boasting a very solid core of players, he is poised or a deep run in these play-offs.
On his way is Varksen, coming from Big O 4. With a Wood Elves band a couple of seasons old, he will have to employ all the tools at his disposition and display the full extent of his talent to overcome the heavy Nurgle hitters.
Choice Cut: Tents?

Snow White & The 6 Chorfs vs The Contract Killers 
BleedinHippy (Chaos Dwarves) vs BernieBuffon (Chaos Dwarves)
Twitch VOD - Cast by: Metal, Cynergy
Overview: Champion in season 8, terror of GMAN 1, BleedinHippy brings his Chaos Dwarves another time in the play-offs. With an impressive core, a propensity for violence and the experience to drive such apparatus to the highest steps of ReBBL.
The other side of the Chaos Dwarves mirror will be coached by BernieBuffon. A name in the realm of PS4 Blood Bowl coaches, he brought his own team of Chorfs all the way through the play-ins, proof of his coaching abilities. 
Choice Cut: It had to be done 

The Grody Greens vs Pempelfort Parakeets
LazarusDigz (Nurgle) vs Andorson (Chaos Dwarves)
Twitch VOD - Cast by: Krusader, Chubstep, Villeynich
Overview: On the home part of the pitch, LazarusDigz straight out of REL 1. Neither him nor his Nurgle team are newcomers where play-offs are concerned with 3 appearances in 4 seasons, and check that Beast of Nurgle...
On the visitor side, Andorson from GMAN5. With a three seasons old Chaos Dwarf team built around nice Bull Centaurs and well-rounded Blockers he has arguments to bring to the table, if he can overcome his first play-offs jitters.
Choice Cut: They say it's the intention that counts

Khemri do it? Yes we can! vs F.A.N.G.
McMacky (Khemri) vs Al Bundy (Wood Elves) 
Twitch VOD - Cast by: Tself55, Vikingkop, Cheesex
Overview: First out of REL 2 with a 9-2-2, McMacky returns to the play-offs with his Khemri guard. After two seasons at their head, with a nice core of positionals, McMacky has the tool to shuffle his way further down the road.
The antithesis to Khemri, Al Bundy's Wood Elves will oppose them with their agile playstyle. After a season in Ramp-up and another in GMAN, Al Bundy's team claimed the only ticket to the play-offs and will face the Khemri with a similar record 9-2-2.
Choice Cut: Sidestep on the ball

The One True Path vs Phoenix Guard
JamesTyphoon (Chaos) vs Azathot (High Elves)
Twitch VOD - Cast by: Chubstep, Metal, AussieViking
Overview: When it comes to JamesTyphoon, no one is really sure where to place him. Playing alternatively in REL and Big O, he put his money where his mouth was to claim the 1st place of this season Big O murder div  and will take is Chaos for a gallant run in the play-offs. 
Opposite James will be Azathot, leading his kryptonite on the pitch: Elves, of the High kind. While his GMAN team does not boast his opponent's development, his qualifications via play-ins proved that Azatoth do not fear knock-out games.
Choice Cut: The real control

As every season my personal thanks go to the admin team for running the main and side leagues, sometimes with patience worthy of saints for enduring such a large group of people over the Internet.
My sincere gratitude as well for the levels of magic and commitment on the part of the technically gifted madmen that create websites and bots for us to enjoy more Blood Bowl centered content. 
My support goes to content creators: wether their write, record or broadcast; they give us so much of their time, spent creating meeting points as well as background lore. All of those working as reinforcing beams for our community as we build bridges towards each other.
More particular thanks to GenericGamer for providing help this week and help me not to topple beyond the brink of insanity.



- Zee

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If you can read this: you either read the whole thing, in which case thank you very much. Or you probably just scrolled to far and should back up a bit. - Zee

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If you can read this: you either read the whole thing, in which case thank you very much. Or you probably just scrolled to far and should back up a bit. - Zee

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